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Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. We provide courses on Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ai, IoT for Governments, Banks, Economy, and Society. Also regulatory workshops for these technologies. Our service also provides the implementation of these new technologies. We provide also a six-semester university program. Contact us to find out how we can help today.


Consulting & Education for new technologies. 

Implementation of  new technologies 



- Blockchain, Bitcoin, DLT, IoT, AI, Robotic

- Complete Implementation for Enterprise Business 

- Smart City development & implementation

- Regulation & Law Consulting for new technologies

- Speaker Service

- Prof. Government Service for new technologies 

- Security 


Through our partnerships, we are able to provide the best service from the best experts to you. We are strongly focused on your necessities. Each customer for us unique and each solution is individual. Education in new technologies such as Blockchain, Bitcoin, AI, Robotic. We realize these technologies with our know-how and partnerships which guarantee max. effort and efficiency.
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Prof. Dr. MK Bhandari

With 40+ years of teaching, research, mentoring and administration of Institutes of Higher education and playing a key role in the establishment of Institutions of Higher Education, Prof. M.K. Bhandari has established India's pioneering educational Startup styled as Infinity Law- Tech Educational Services - ILTES. Highly transformative Technologies such as BLOCKCHAIN, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, FINTECH, and IoT focus on their interface with Regulatory compliances. ILTES is part of Satoshi Consulting & Education.

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  • Master Diploma Blockchain Consultant
    Satoshi Consulting & Education Online Zoom
  • Introduction Webinar for Blockchain Advisory Course American Eastern Time
    Online Webinar
  • Certified International Blockchain Advisor (english language)
    Satoshi Consulting & Education Online Zoom


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