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Satoshi Academy - Your partner for future topics


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Bitcoin, Internet of Things (IoT) and other related technologies regularly dominate the headlines worldwide. The resonance is great. As a result, the interest of the international business world and other circles is increasing.

But still, many questions remain unanswered!


  • How do the different technologies work?

  • What are the benefits and advantages of new technologies?

  • How can these technologies be implemented and applied?

  • Why are the regulations being discussed?

  • Are there already successful practical applications?


We at Satoshi Academy have set ourselves the goal to provide you with consulting and education to explain the basics, create clarity and provide future-oriented know-how on mediate. Our international training courses are oriented towards your individual demand. Together with you, we develop a strategy on this basis under the holistic consideration of the processes in your company or your organization. The successful implementation is guaranteed by a step-by-step plan. You immediately benefit from the resulting transparency and efficiency.


Our offer is aimed at business, public administrations and educational institutions - overleaf

specified. Furthermore, in connection with new technologies, we also train the legal handling.

Are you, your company or your organization ready to meet the challenges of the future? Do you want to gain competitive advantages by improving your company’s potential and increasing it through the introduction of new technologies? 


Act now! Arrange your free, non-binding initial consultation now, independent of your Level of knowledge. Please contact us under +49 (162)6428 578 (global office) or send us an e-mail to


We offer short, medium and long-term courses for the targeted development of future-oriented know-how. Profit from our internationally proven Professional competence.


Economy and Global Business:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

  • Large companies

  • Groups of companies and stock corporations

  • Retail chains

  • Franchise Company



  • Personnel service provider

  • Chambers of Commerce

  • Trade unions


Financial sector:

  • Banks

  • Financial service provider

  • Tax consultant

  • Asset managers

  • FinTech companies


Public sector:

  • Governments and Administrations

  • Committees

  • Officials

  • Contact person

  • Administrations and authorities

  • Universities - already now: own course of studies with a master

  • degree

Act now! Arrange your free, non-binding initial consultation now! 

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