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Adam Beck, Samson Mow, Charlie Lee first game

Blockchain Game Infinite Fleet has raised $3.1 million through private STO selling.

The game of the day is not Infinite Fleet it is the fantastic thing making people believe something is "on" blockchain. There is nothing. In real the game is stored on a decentralized server system. Via API the game can send rewards in form of token to the gamers who have done an action f. e. buying items, reaching the next stage. Therefore they receive a valuable token. They use liquid a sidechain to BTC network supporting this. Samson Mow, the CSO of bitcoin startup Blockstream, has also been serving as founder and CEO of the gaming company Pixelmatic since 2011. The new plan will see Pixelmatic use Blockstream’s new token platform for launching security tokens on bitcoin via its sidechain Liquid.

By way of that platform, Pixelmatic will issue tokenized securities for its upcoming game Infinite Fleet, a science fiction, humans-versus aliens space fighting game. “Take command of a fleet and join the epic war for humanity’s survival!” as the game’s Twitter profile reads.

This is the way it goes. But it shows the quality of liquid and this potential is huge

Read the full story here.

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