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Always known for attraction - McAfee in the news

McAfee’s Ghost Integrates with Leading eCommerce Platforms

McAfee is without doubts one of the biggest influencer in crypto world and cybersecurity research. His company has changed a lot of hands but still people believe he has hands on the activities. Since he started his twitter-self proclaim - sailor tour finishing by running for election in the U. S. out of an exil. Ghost is becoming a new storyline of success or failure who knows ?

By entering into a partnership with the CryptoCurrencyCheckout, McAfee’s Ghost project has been able to successfully get the Ghost coin accepted under the payment options of these popular eCommerce platforms. With one-click simple payments and the use of scannable QR codes across smartphones and mobile devices, you can pay your shopping bills with Ghost. The partnership with CryptoCurrencyCheckout, a unique crypto trading & exchange platform, will also enable the integration of Ghost with social media platforms. In the near future, Ghost can be used for sending payments and making donations across YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.

As the use cases for Ghost Coin continue to increase, McAfee aims to strengthen its partnership with CryptoCurrencyCheckout. The exchange platform is known for being a completely decentralized P2P platform for crypto exchange. It takes out all the middleware and middleman, saves the additional fees, and enables users to use the cryptocurrency of their choice. Hence, users who want to accept or send Ghost as payment on e-commerce or social media platforms do not have to pay any additional charges for the exchange via CryptoCurrencyCheckout.

He just proofed another thing - Crypto maybe boom as money of internet and games and for that reason it is a little success ghost become a utility ... Read full story here


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