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Apple is not going to allow DApps in the store

Coinbase is complaining about the fact that Apple pushed away plans to sell DApps for example connecting to DeFi systems or using a mining app.

The CEO also claimed that Apple was “forcing users to use the App Store instead of Dapps (websites)” and that it would lead to antitrust issues.

In addition to this, Armstrong claimed that his team at Coinbase tried discussing the restrictions directly with Apple’s leadership who did not respond. The tweet did not mention any of Apple’s core execs but Coinbase’s CEO further stated that previous negotiations with these execs resulted in modifying the apps, which led to “worse experiences” for iOS and Coinbase users.

Apple had these restrictions in place to prevent users from falling for “crypto scams’’ and Ponzi schemes.

One of the reasons is that DApps could possible undertake the sell strategy of Apple In-APP System. So they can bypass the 30% revenue clause. Actually Fortnite has banned from App Store because of disrespecting this 30% bill. Also, it is well known Apple doesn't care about the crypto and blockchain market. They work on their own blockchain system and therefore on their own DApp store which will included to the AppStore. A good business is always the business you do not have to share the revenues like we do today. And another point is in fact Coinbase is betraying you with your cryptos. They do not tell you that you can only transact from your wallet 2 Bitcoins for a day without making clarification about the reception. Read full article here.

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