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Barry Silbert Announces National Ad Campaign For Bitcoin and Ethereum

Remember the times when Grayscale started to breakthrough 1 Billion Dollars in his fund in a quarter when they started to buy 1100 BTC a day? And moreover when Barry was sitting in the New York rehearsal and fighting for regulations selling the soul of Bitcoin? "Whatever you regulate, we will follow...!" Now he advertises for Bitcoin in the same old terms of the Cypherpunks and mixing up with investment steam. What a difference! “We’re going to bring crypto to the masses,” Barry Silbert of Grayscale said with Grayscale running a loopholed bitcoin and ethereum stock like investment vehicle.

Thanks to horse carriage SEC, Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust shares are going for $950 per eth while eth’s market price is about $400.

That huge premium is because the purchased share can’t be sold for a year, hence bypassing SEC’s permission requirements with Silbert’s lawyers recently just sending them a form.

It is what it is and this is what Bitcoin leads to up and downs. Read full story here.

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