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Bitcoin adoption in Mexico with debit card

Mexico gets his first Debit Card Issuer for spending Bitcoin via Visa

Last but not least we know debit cards are high value for banks. If they combined with Bitcoin payments banks earn high fees better than with their own services. On the other hand, it's manifesting the stay of Bitcoin for good. Now Mexico gets his own system for exchanging Bitcoin and Dash via Debit Card. Of course, this also tracks people who own crypto in the country. This is the gap you have to overcome if you like this service otherwise better stay away.

Crypto fanatics in Mexico can now boast owning the region’s first crypto debit cards – while also having a new way to spend their money. Tauros, a local cryptocurrency exchange, unveiled crypto debit cards yesterday, in a joint effort with the Dash Foundation.

The firm, also a self-styled digital bank, has rolled out features to spend Bitcoin, Dash, and a basket of other cryptocurrencies at any Visa-accepting location in Mexico. The move comes as Visa, and Mastercard, have turned into crypto-friendly organizations in recent times.

In a press release, Tauros said it holds an agreement with Visa, which allowed the firm to introduce a debit card containing cryptocurrency. For now, however, it’s only available to Tauros account holders who are either citizens or legal residents of Mexico.

So as we said, stay away if you want to stay private with your Bitcoins otherwise it is a good service for those who want to spend their cryptos. Read the full article here


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