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Could this the biggest mistake of Ethereum ?

No question there is a need for an upgrade of Ethereum, in fact of speed and visualization. The oldest alternative Blockchain, based on Bitcoin principles missed the point when it comes to DApps and speed. As time this article is written ETH gains in price because of the market all overall investing by getting money from officials due to Corona Crises. Its too early to say this is because of ETH 2.0 coming. The change into a POS could possible kill ETH at all by a hack. This has contoversial discussed.

Ethereum (ETH) Zeroing Towards Deployment

The community is all hope that Ethereum is zeroing towards deployment. Recently, they have announced “Medalla” which is the final testnet before the launch of the ETH 2.0 beacon chain.

The Eth 2.0 overhaul is set to happen on a different blockchain and therefore there will be no immediate change in the near term for the users and dapp developers.

The first phase of Eth 2.0 is based on creating a separate proof-of-stake blockchain network known as the beacon chain.  The ETH holders who have a minimum of 32 ETH will be able to earn rewards by annualized interest on their wealth.  Also, it is important for the ETH holders to have the appropriate hardware and software which can connect to the beacon chain and also they need to have clarity on how the technology works.

Be careful ! But it is a good step. Full article see here.

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