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Dash on the end of the road?

Dash Fall : Dysfunctional Governance or it has become an old system?

Dash Fall: Dysfunctional Governance or it has become an old system? cer who have been paid. Dash was always good having some master node hosting to stake in and get 40% revenues. Moreover Dash has it highest acceptance during the time of the Avolon Life scam who has been the biggest dash miner for a while.

These times are history. So people do not use dash anymore. The former DarkCoin becomes white and after the years people lost interest in. Today Dash is the 28th largest cryptocurrency and the development stood still for a time. The Governance model means a part of the tx fees is used to finance projects. But since there is de facto only one person understanding and using this system and votes often for projects no other will go for.

The founder of Dash Nation Cristopher Carruthers argued that the Dash network has to reform its governance system and block the reward distribution strategy to return to the top-ten position in the near future. His comments are based on the statements Ryan Taylor made, who is the CEO of the Dash Core Group back in 2019. Taylor stated that he believes that the economics of the project which is built into the network, causes a huge destabilization of its price. Carruthers said that the prices fell because the miners were being paid too much. The improvements that the miners are responsible for such as InstaSend and Chainlocks were not worth the share of the block rewards which are being spent.

The community has now voted for a new policy. In the next few years, Dash will allocate the rewards between the miners and the masternodes at a ratio of 60% to 40% with the larger share going to the masternodes. Carruthers said that the community is debating how the rewards will be allocated to the Dash treasury which funds the partnerships and developments as well as other activities. This will likely favor either the masternodes or the miners.

Another big point Dash was not mentioned as Cryptocurrency by experts but PivX a hardfork of Dash has been so. No matter the community vote in the the system to change the governance. What it will be in the next 2 years who can tell? The story here.

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