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DFO instead of DAO?

Crypto porn startup PornVisory says DFO better than DAO

Innovation in technology was always in times used by the porn industry. So they also want a more user-driven system based on incentives and shaping the business.

As in classical DAO, there is only voting without proposing means participations have to make a common interest for the DAO before going live with the DAO. In DFO you stack to tokens getting a voting right and can submit a proposal.

According to PornVisory, DFO governance will enable the token holders to propose changes and vote on governance aspects that will be subject to community voting. Platform users will need to stack the platform’s PVY Ethereum-based tokens to access the governance system.

The announcement comes shortly before the first airdrop of the firm’s PVY token scheduled for the end of the month.

DFOs are on-chain organizations that closely resemble decentralized autonomous organizations that further emphasize the community’s ability to shape the services.

Parameter changes to the applications’ configuration are allowed for DAO users. However, DFO goes one step further by giving users the ability to makes changes to the code lines without compromising the application integrity. This helps them make user-specific changes for maximum usability.

The co-founder of PornVisory, Veronica Noschese, says that DAO and DFO are similar to each other in many ways. But DFO gives many more powers to the users when it comes to bringing changes to the application through the administrative route. The same cannot be said about DAO that is somewhat restrictive in granting users complete power over the application. Read the full article here.

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