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Did Binance laundering money?

Dealing with trust of customers and tell them money is secure it needs a bunch of regulations for an exchange.

The question is where does it makes sense for Binance laundering $9M in fact of Binance is one of the biggist exchanges today in a regulated market. Means Binance is a multi million Dollar company. Nine million Dollars look like the tip. On the other hand. IT is not a laundering to exchange stolen crypto. Sorry guys if you are not able to hold your cryptos in your own pocket there is no mercy. Because if you would have to visit a course about this space like the courses from SatoshiCon you would never had the problem of stolen coins.

Fisco blames Binance exchange for lax security measure

On Monday, Fisco filed the complaint against Binance with the US District Court of the Northern District of California. The Japanese exchange explained in the complaint that the money laundered through Binance exchange was part of the digital currencies stolen from Zaif, another crypto exchange based out of Japan.

Per the document, about $63 million worth of cryptos was stolen from Zaif by hackers in 2018. The stolen funds were traced to one address via the Bitcoin blockchain, from which the hackers laundered 1,451.7 BTC after sending them to the Binance exchange. At the time, the money laundered amounted to $9.4 million.

What did we learn from the lesson? People still do not understand any keys - no coins and now want to file a third party for their own failure... we need more successful exchange hacks. Pain is a good way to make people think about their self-responsibility.

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