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Driver Licence on Blockchain in Korea

The best use case for blockchain or a nightmare of self-sovereignty? 1 Million people using the system. So far the idea is a good one and administrative disruption growth but what if the licence will revoked because you are a political activist fighting for humans right or propose an opinion which is not common. So who is protecting you losing your driver licence for political reasons and not only for driving skills?

Blockchain ID Accepted Everywhere

Launched just over two months ago in May, the South Korean program for issuing driver licenses over a public blockchain has already attracted over one million Koreans, showing huge interest in the technology and a strong use case for the future of blockchain systems.

The development means South Koreans have submitted their physical, hardcopy physical driver’s license for a blockchain-powered alternative used with the PASS smartphone app. Korea is one of the most tech-forward countries in the world, so the news is not surprising.

The one million figure represents over 3% of South Korea’s driving population, which stood at 32.2 million in 2019 according to statistics and data tracking firm Statista. The PASS app, and the blockchain license, were first approved last year by South Korea’s Ministry of Science and ICT for use throughout the country.

May this year was when the project was finally launched. The National Police Agency in partnership with the Korea Road Traffic Authority, and the country’s three major telecommunication providers: SK, KT, and LG U+ collaborated at the time. Read the full article here.

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