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Ethereum Supply Chain

Ever asked how many ETH tokens out there?

This question no one will manage to answer because there are proof of burn addresses in ETH to burn tokens after a crowd sale when money is in and these tokens useless. There are also some uncle blocks that contains unspent ethereums due to chain corrections.

In sum, we can say actually more than 180,000,000 tokens (ETH and exchangeable to ETH)

What does this mean? Every 10-15 seconds the amount moves around some are burnt and some new are created. The overall supply grow is about 8 percent a month. Interesting would be the fact if ETH 2.0 is on POS instead POW how the supply will be fixed to a perceived amount of staking interest. It is not foreseen to limit the supply amount rather than extending before the freeze to stake coming. This is an open question to the Ethereum Foundation and has a huge impact on the price of ETH.

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