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Fake news about Twitter hack discovered

Satoshi Insider Report never reports about fake news !

Maybe as the continuous reader of Satoshi Insider Report, you have noticed that Í does not write or talk about the Twitter hack where a scam opened celebrity accounts and stole a lot of Bitcoin from the believers in these scam posts.

When the news came out that a 17 year old california boy should have done this I know it was a fake news

Why? Because doing this is more than a work of one person and really no one today using Bitcoin is stupid enough to give some tracing elements for free in this short time. So it was only to calm down investors and believers in Twitter. But Crypto Twitter was always well known for fake news. Every young coder in the scenery today knows how to hide Bitcoin and stay anonymous and more he knows how not to be tracked by social media and investigators after a hack. Making people believe online business is safe is the most intolerance and dangerous message to people you may send. Florida teenager Graham Ivan Clark accused of participating in a massive hack of more than 100 high-profile Twitter accounts as part of a cryptocurrency scam has pleaded not guilty to all charges. According to the Bloomberg report, the 17-year-old entered his not guilty plea to 30 charges on Tuesday in a Hillsborough Circuit Court and was scheduled for a bail hearing on Wednesday. Clark was indicted on a slew of fraud charges last week, accused of illegally gaining access to the Twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Elon Musk,

Kanye West, former President Barack Obama, and others to put out tweets soliciting bitcoins. 

You will see, he is not guilty. Read the full article here.

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