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Fake News from Zeus Capital - Law Suit needed!

Crypto fund behind Chainlink FUD is offering 5 Bitcoin to post bearish positions

Future Markets are a multi-million Dollar chance and also the graveyard for people who do not understand how Bitcoin price is working and lead by the news. You can create Fear only by lies. It is not the customer who has to be treated by KYC/AML and tracking. These markets are well known for insider trading and market influence. If we do not use the same terms as we have in stock markets a lot of people will lose their money and the real value is underestimated. Betting on a bearish and get paid for is a nogo and everyone participate in this has to be send to action class law suite.

Screenshots and tweets on Thursday showed the fund — whose identity and legitimacy is not verified yet — was giving monetary awards to influential Twitter users. The move follows its infamous report on LINK from weeks ago, one that said the cryptocurrency would “correct by 99%.” “Icebergy,” an engineer and crypto developer, trolled Zeus Capital on Wednesday, asking for 5 Bitcoin for posting a “bad Link chart.”

Crypto Twitter is a swamp of false news and great followship into these fakes. Read the full story here


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