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Google Play Apps have lack of cybersecurity

Researches from an University shows that 306 Apps which are the most popular in the store haven't got security standards.

There is a catalog who has published by cybersecurity experts with a standard set of rules to avoid cyber attacks and hacking apps, which work with cryptographic to protect the software.

These are the rules which have been most dismissed:

  • Rule #18 - 1,775 apps - Don't use an unsafe PRNG (pseudorandom number generator)

  • Rule #1 - 1,764 apps - Don't use broken hash functions (SHA1, MD2, MD5, etc)

  • Rule #4 - 1,076 apps - Don't use the operation mode CBC (client/server scenarios)

Reaching out to the developers doesn't change the situation only 18 of 306 responded. This shows how less security is in reality even if we have the tools to change. Using a tool called Crylogger shows that no one really has made changes actually. The world is under attack. We know how to protect. But we are lazy to do so. What do you think will happen? See full article here.

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