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How Bitcoin is misused by Grayscale

:50pm EDT

Bitcoin was meant to be as a money substidary and new model of money supporting people in a way to fund themselves where banks and institutionals failed. Now we see that mining facilities go for Grayscale a Berry Silbert group member. Berry Silbert once voted on the New York Bitcoin license dilemma pro regulations and this opens the door that a lot of Bitcoins hold by book makers and old fashioned hedge funds with no sin.

We call for regulations and want to kill the free world by KYC. But no one regulates the future markets and Bitcoin funds influencing the market by insider knowledge, wich is forbidden on the stock markets. So where are the regulators in here ?

Institutional Demand For Bitcoin Soars As Grayscale Reveals Record-Breaking Near $1 Billion Quarter

Institutional demand for bitcoin is soaring amid the coronavirus crisis, with multi-billion dollar bitcoin and crypto-asset manager Grayscale reporting its biggest-ever quarterly inflows of almost $1 billion.

Bitcoin demand has remained strong even as the bitcoin price treads water, with inflows into the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, Grayscale's biggest and flagship fund, outpacing the creation of new bitcoin since the May supply squeeze.

New York-based Grayscale, which allows accredited investors to buy bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies through its funds, recorded inflows of $905.8 million for its second quarter—nearly double the previous quarterly high of $503.7 million in the first three months of this year.

Institutional investors always welcome in Bitcoin, but they must have a sin for changing the world in a new directive and supporting fighting poverty. Instead they cry for KYC in a world already broken. Is this your new reality ? See full article here.

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