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ICO, IEO, STO, DSO ? Are you ready ?

Since 2017 ICO bubble ends in a massive loss people start to reanimate without success

It must be a tragedy for every token stakeholder if he invested in something a marketing and pitch machinery with bounty service created. A real wake up without money but a heavy headache. So the question is how to squeeze the citrus right? Later we call this STO and everything is better. Fundraising under regulators controls and observes. Security Token Offering becomes the next thing and the first scams happen. Now the filing process is the way you first have to register and start selling later. A big problem of XRP as its community calls them securities but they have issued already. The same happened to the Telegram Token and finally, it never came alive. Even Libra as a security and central bank imitation failed the standards. Interest in STO faded. Why not given trust if an Exchange offering funding tokens because they are already hard regulated? Of course, it is the trust of both sides because the customer of the exchange and the offerer of the products is in a trustworthy environment. Perfect, and yes we had some successful crowdfunding rounds. But today it is something non-interesting rather people will hunt tokens in Defi Systems.

So a new idea came over and what you see - IT'S THE SAME WITH NEW NAME! DSO! New Division Bringing Traditional Capital Markets into the Digital Era

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BitOoda is expanding its suite of digital asset financial services through the launch of a digital private placement and SAFT brokerage division, following approval of the company’s application to advise and act as a placement agent on private primary offerings of digital securities and broker secondary-market transactions for SAFTs (Simple Agreements for Future Tokens). BitOoda is a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission registered broker-dealer and a FINRA member.

Within the digital private placement division, BitOoda will harness the potential of the blockchain to bring traditional capital markets to the digital era by providing advisory services to digital asset token issuers, as well as acting as a placement agent for digital securities.

“At BitOoda we envision a future where currencies, equity, debt, and alterative assets are blockchain native. The launch of our digital private placement division marks the first step in contributing to this transition” BitOoda CEO Tim Kelly stated.

Old things renamed make them look sexy? Open your mind stay away. Read the full story here.

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