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Inflation - let's have a look in these times

The numbers are all over the place and the narratives are even more complicated, so what’s the real story with inflation? 

This is not about numbers. This is the question of how true is the data we get. Inflation will get a new peak in December because the big sell will come in a time where most of the people have emotionally frozen by the biggest lie in history COVID-19. Another 50,000 people will die which is normal every year when winter comes. There is a chance of a 2nd lockdown and prices for oil will increase by about more than 500%. Same time more and more people stay away from shops and businesses because they spend most of their income during the first lockdown. The businesses like Amazon will see a massive decrease and tax income will be burned in a hire and fire mentality of unemployment. Last but not least a worldwide 2nd wave of recession will reach the welfare of family offices. DeFi will raise more and more money before it explode in August 2021 and becomes a ground layer of fintec financial.

So take care keep money in Bitcoins and stay away from invests. The next summer is for sure coming.

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