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Ledger loses again trust and customer data

Data Breach at Crypto Wallet Firm Ledger Exposes User's Personal Info

Always I said stay away from 3rd party solution storing your Bitcoins and or Keys.

The world is not what it seems in this and Ledger was always a victim. You can't see your key and so it is useless if your stick is at home. Ledger is a giant money making machine with the uncertainy of people who have no self-responsibility. And it was always promoted by scams with reflink. See now 1 Million user datas gone away and the thefts behind can use this datas for sure. Creating an update problem (ledger was facing this in the past) the perosnal data could used as root API by recovering,... never trust in Ledeger or Trezor or other 3rd parties.

The individual used an API key to access the marketing and e-commerce database the company used to send promotional emails. 

According to Ledger, this compromised the email addresses of almost one million people. The firm added that, for a subset of 9,500 customers, details such as first and last name, postal address and phone number were also exposed.

The company claimed the API key used to access the database has since been deactivated.

After investigating the matter in tandem with third parties and confirming the breach, Ledger said it notified the French Data Protection Authority, CNIL.

You see there are too much cooks to the soup. Ledger is not the item you wish in the future

See full article here


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