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Marine Corps and Mining

US Marine Corps banned from block reward mining

Marine corps usually can use their own devices but for some reasons, they have only the official equipment carrying with them. So they install their apps on this devices. Most of the apps today we have security issues by collecting information or sending GPS Data.

The US government closed the usage of apps with security issues from the official devices. Corps is not allowed to use the third party on their devices.

The memo also prohibited the members from accessing gaming, dating, gambling and security bypass applications. It also bans “applications expressly designed to access work-inappropriate content of an obscene or illegal nature.”

While the Marine Corps uses automated means to prevent the installation of prohibited apps, it urged its members to report any app that manages to bypass these means. Servicemen are also warned to exercise caution when using apps that record video or audio, even if the app isn’t blacklisted.

We can learn if you want security and not traced by anyone, this is the only way. It should make us think about how valuable privacy is today. You can read the full article here.

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