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Mining at all-time high during Covid19

Bitcoin hashrate ATH: Old machines now profitable amid Bitcoin’s price

Bitcoin Hashrate is 125 million Terrahash per second. This is something you can't put in place this means that means if we suggest 80% S17 minter and 20% S19 Miner we run more than 5,000,000 machines as mining and the nodes for the network must a minimum of 1,9 million machines. This means you need for a 51% attack 3,000,000 machines but if you add this to the network it counts all in all 8,000,000 so you need at least 4,200,000 miners. But you need also 51% of the nodes means more than 1,2 million nodes under your flag. With the miners, you can choose what you want mine but with the nodes, you control the network. So you can not control the network only by miners or by nodes. You need both.

High hashpower doesn't belong to Bitcoin price because if you have cheap electricity it's every time profitable. Only the greediness is saying there are hard times.

Notably, miners have been increasing their capacity with the newly-introduced mining machines such as the Antminer S series and more, which comes with advanced functionalities and high hash power. While this might be seen as one factor contributing to the rising Bitcoin hashrate, the vice president of Poolin, Alejandro De La Torre,mentionedthat there had been a decrease in the Difficulty Adjustment.

High hashpower a real strong market and development makes Bitcoin always the winner

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