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WELL-KNOWN Tron and VeChain, XinFin, and Gochain will be the inheritance of a post ethereum time many people recognize coming.

What could we expect from some DLT Systems accepting ERC-20? First, they promise more transactions and higher security. Second, they are compatible with every smart contract build on Solidity. They want to build smarter DApps and claim to have better and greater community support. They claim their systems are decision-based and every stakeholder can vote. Is it possible that they will leave Ethereum out in the rain?

Personally it is like Bitcoin. Every statement and every claim made in the past didn't match and Bitcoin did not die. And Ethereum as the father of smart contracts (definitely false) will never fail because it is the measurement for this kind of economy: DApps and DeFi. Nothing is solid in Solidity and there is no responsibility addressed. Still, it is a computer problem how people think about. But unlike taking the responibility even the new systems of Binance and named here they all based on old technology. So they may be fast enough now but would not have a scalibility. Sooner or later they have the same problems. Investors should wait until there is a third party solution for the scaling problem in Ether. The most experience lies in there. On the other hand if all this is bursting, there is a reason why smart contracts have been disabled on BTC. Read the full article here.

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