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Possible scam - sunnydecree news stopped by YouTube

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Youtube and crypto channels covered behind Bitcoin News already have a hard wind. The most problem is such channels do not offer Bitcoin news but use the channel to sell their MLM products and often scam products. Products you be warned to buy because it maybe could be a Ponzi scheme. Sunnydecree moves on with that and didn't hold after YouTube warns.

And of course. #Ripple is in the state of a #lawsuit. YouTube argues that it cannot be liable for what other users are placing up as content on the platform and therefore wants the lawsuit that was filed against it by multiple companies including Ripple to be dismissed. YouTube argues that the claims made by ripple are barred under the 230 Section of the Communications Decency Act which “protects websites against the evil of liability for a failure to remove offensive content” therefore providing the platform with the much-needed immunity. This means that YouTube is not a publisher of third-party content and they are not liable for it so they cannot be sued.

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