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Ransomware attack hits Israeli Nasdaq company

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

A company for spyware with wireless chips and camera sensors has hidden hard by a #ransomware attack demanding hundred of thousands of dollars. The main reason is they claimed this technology should be used as 5G support, therefore, provide smart city concepts and other future technologies.

Skybox Security expects that, throughout 2020, there are likely to be around 20,000 hacker attacks, with 9,000 already reported.

The chief of the security research department at Cybereason, Yossi Rachman, says that his recommendation to companies is usually not to pay ransom to hackers and instead to improve their cybersecurity and have reliable backups.

Security researchers say there is no chance against ransomware like today but it could be easy. You have to create a backup in an instant system before someone opens an email or other spreadsheet like excel and so on. These would be opened in a virtual environment and do not change the real state. This could be done if the receipt of the email only has a cloud account to the companies hosting system and operates in a virtual system. If something going wrong the backup recovery is changing the routine and ransomware has no chance to nest in. Whatever hits through it is an economic disaster and it is more expansive than preventing an attack.

Read the full article here.

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