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Ransomware Attack who is paying for ?

Garmin Could Face Sanctions if $10M Ransom is Paid

Interesting to see who is acting and who is the victim.

Ransomware attacks you maybe find new but this kinds quite as old as the web 2.0. long before Bitcoin becoma attractiv. CryptoLocker is ransomware that was first seen in 2007 and spread through infected email attachments. Once on your computer, it searched for valuable files to encrypt and hold to ransom.

Thought to have affected around 500,000 computers, law enforcement and security companies eventually managed to seize a worldwide network of hijacked home computers that were being used to spread Cryptolocker.

This allowed them to control part of the criminal network and grab the data as it was being sent, without the criminals knowing. This action later led to the development of an online portal where victims could get a key to unlock and release their data for free without paying the criminals.

How to protect ? Your internet traffic and email server is a proxy server with a backup behind which is creating the moment datas have been safety stored. If the Proxy is locked just create a new one with your real time backup. Thats easy but no one will invest. Now that Gemini is forbidden by law to pay the ransom, because they want to dry the market who is the stupid in that game ? Read full article here


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