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Retail Investors big in BTC

Key Data Shows Retail Investors Are Entering the Bitcoin Market, Not Whales

Always interesting to see how charts and analysis could be misinterpreted. Because they see a larger number of wallets grow with a small number of bitcoins it is not the retailer...

Many people lead by the economic crises swap money into bitcoins afraid of losing their value by killing the financial markets, bail-in and bailout. Another fact is because becoming more private users split their accounts in many new ones by recovering from offline holdings in BTC and use of Coinmixer.

This is also a good statement but shows only search results.

The trend also matches various fundamental data points, including Google Trends. The popularity of the keywords Bitcoin and Ethereum are rising, which shows an increase in interest from the mainstream.

The growing interest and the bigger realizing privacy is necessary is a big imapct to the stability of BTC communities. Read the full article here.

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