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"Rich Dad Poor Dad" Author recommends Bitcoin

As the financial market is in a crises and will be crashed again Warrent Buffet is recommending Gold. And Robert Kiyosaki tells people to go in Digital Assets like Bitcoin.

But this needs to understand:

1) Download a wallet like Blue Wallet

2) Register to buy Bitcoins

3) After buying Bitcoins send them to your f. e. Blue Wallet

4) Never leave them on an exchange or in a Bond, Fond or Future a market down turn will erase these holdings The “Buffett Indicator” has hit levels unseen since the dot-com bubble, and Bitcoin could see a major reaction in the event of a major crash in stocks.

MARKETS NEWS The “Buffett Indicator” is hinting that the United States’ stock market is currently at dot-com bubble levels, Yahoo Finance reported on Aug. 20. The indicator divides the Wilshire 5000 Index by the GDP of the U.S.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has recently advised people to invest in gold and digital assets like Bitcoin as crisis looms in the banking sector. In our opinion the market has overtraded and tickled all the bet on a pandemic. Like the moment I write the reset by big banks short is more than realistic, it is here and the sign of dooming reaching out. Read the full stories here and here

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