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SegWit and it's adoption - Mempool decrease


he uptick in Bitcoin SegWit Penetration, Non-Adopters May Soon Be on Notice

SegWit lead into the split of the BTC community by Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash broke by BSV. Today we see from all wallets using SegWit an adoption level of 48% up to 63%. Because of more privacy in SegWit transactions through BC1 and Bech32 native addresses most of the exchanges do not upgrade their wallets. Another reason is the fee structure for them. Overall we can see the adoption is in the private sector and not in public. SegWit adoption significantly will increase the more fiat problems and market crashes will come in. A few weeks ago big exchanges recognized that customer move their funds away. Tweeting on the matter on Monday, Bitcoin proponent Aliste Milne remarked that wallets and exchanges that are yet to embrace SegWit would soon be forced to do so or experience growth declines. According to Milne, the frequent instance of higher fees put SegWit wallets at an advantage.

SegWit is more than higher transactions and cheaper fees. It's a security in build connectivity code for sidechains and second-layer solutions. Read the full story here.

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