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The fairytale using AI to take on illegela BTC mining

Los Alamos researchers say their AI system is quicker and more reliable than non-AI methods.

You surely have heard about hackers using super computer power from scientists to hide the asic code and start mining with machines they do not recognize used to become a bitcoin miner in advantage.

Using the unused power of computers for mining altcoin in a separate hidden task is nothing new. A lot of mining activities most in Monero have been uncovered by researchers but they did not need a supercomputer. They just looked up in IT protocols of tasks and finally figured out some tasks not belonging to the network normal activities. What can AI do? It just compares the network net capacity against new data streams and outputs and is trained on a white list of tasks. Kind of that works in antivirus software. So this machine learning, if a task is recognized as a trojan horse and will be eliminated, is nothing notable. But a lot of people think we need some special intelligence. Don't believe everything you hear otherwise an atomic bomb will sink your mind. Read the full story here.

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