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The future as a compound of interests?

What is digital transformation really about?

Today we are living in a society that can fly to the moon, Mars, and Outerspace. We have a lot of ongoing technology inventions and this leads to the question if this technology is really supporting us or a big marketing stunt, changing into "new" technologies but remain the same old story only in a different garment?

What has been the more interesting fact in times? Society change because of an invention or the invention itself because it was new? How often did we copy the already existing items and structures by using new terms, make them look like new topics? When it comes to regulations, for example, we have an interesting aspect. Whenever things change in history the regulation was following just adjusting the old ruleset with some new words. Last but not least everything stayed the same, but sounds fresh and new.

People talking about the future like something we can imagine but is out of reach. We play around with ideas and dreams. "Can you imagine, one day we will..." on the other hand we talk about the "golden" past and many people believed always that the past was better than the world we are in now. "Once upon a time,..." is something magic to those who have not been in these times and so we are always history at the moment we spoke out and act the moment. Even in this writing. At the moment I finish this will become past for me but for a lot of people do not know about this is the future if they decide to read.

Interests in Computer & AI

Can a computer create a future without history? This is one of the most discussed fields on Artificial Intelligence. A computer must be history after he has been build. But there is no past in the computer he can access and combine. So if this is not written in code, where will he start to "learn"? What you learned from this example is the fact every intelligence machine and robot no matter how complex he is has a start in the past and based on human intelligence.

So what happens if this robot knows about the items to build another robot? Exactly he builds a copy of what he has saved in his chipset. He knows how a robot has to work and how the components have to be combined. Is this AI? No, it is simple machine learning. For us, it is easy to recognize he could only act and build on the knowledge he has from something existing. Something in his past, he can't remember but has been coded in his memory.

Finally, the interest field is in AI - Could this robot start to compare his knowledge about robots to expand with knowledge of different types of robots. He only can, if someone gave him the ability. So his experience is nevertheless bound to the human brain and construction power coding him an opportunity to compare different models before he starts to build a new codebase based on the knowledge of two different robot types. This means he has to simulate different processes and recheck the output if it makes sense or not. Would his new roboter run, jump and work in a better way, due to the new code base he created?

This is a very complex structure. The robot must have a deep learning session where he was in trial and error, for example, the error was using a hand like a foot. How many sequences must the computer try until the robot can walk? The computer has to figure out if the body of his structure is in the right position to do a step without struggling. If you see Boston Robotics solutions making a roll, jumping around, and carry items, it looks easy but there is a very high and intensive mathematical process behind which needs a lot of computational power. But this all is not AI Digital transformation and the misleading definition of AI transformation

We learned Artificial Intelligence must be something the computer is going like this: The weather is fine I will suggest to my family going to the beach. But first I have to check whether the weather is good there or not. I have to check how much time we need to get there including the process of grabbing things like sun blockers, towels, and other utilities for a typical beach day. This is for a robot an easy game because he could have memorized from former beach excurses what the children and the parents need and store these items in the car. But he can't say "okay maybe it's a little bit cold there I have to put in the car clothes for cold weather. Suddenly if he takes care of eventually the car is full of clothes and beach accessories but no passenger will fit in. The question here will be how could he have Artificial Intelligence.

He never will say: "Oh they said it is a rainy there with a chance of 85 percent let us go there and take a look. And suddenly there is no rain. He can't make out experience if he is there expecting rain and finally "sees" the sun. Because he does not see that the picture he has is a description of how "sun" and "sunny weather" "cloudy" "rain" is pre-defined in his codebase. He just makes a prediction on internet-based data. So if it is more than a pre-defined percentage likely to rain, he will intervene in the family not to go for the beach.

Last but not least the robot demands a high trusty source of information. Information is always the need for an interest in something where we need answers.

So if we talk about future technologies already here, the question is, what is wrong in our communication ?

The Reality

It is the words we chose misleading the adoption. Why not saying here it is Blockchain technology. If you want it, hire us. The world is full of descriptions of what the "new world and technology" can or might can do but we have no examples. For instant Walmart is using blockchain technology since 2019. Why does only the community recognize this? Why is it not in the mainstream news ?

What would happen if CNN, FOX, and your local TV News show will report "Blockchain technology is a new technology to track and verify supply chains and large cooperation business with a unique proof of origin. Walmart uses this technology now because concerns about its suppliers called for more transparency and trustworthy data management."

The reality is no one will discuss this topic in a bigger style.

Because the future is a compound of interests and not necessarily in truth.

The reality is we created a part of a whole picture like in a puzzle. The business realized early that people have a high interest in FinTec and DLT technology, AI, and robotic. These technologies topics are topped by the Decentralized Finance debate and the promises it made. But still all theses technologies somewhere in labors and sandbox environments not ready for the mainstream.

The longer there is no showcase for the real world which effects the daily life of people, as long we "only" explaining and no one is willed really to listen, as long we will stay far behind using this technology even if it is here. Finally, people lost interest in the topic.

The reality is online conferences talking you in and promising 400+ participants. In real there is max. 60-80 guest watching and you ask yourself why paying the high price hearing the same stuff again and again. On LinkedIn, for example, you can follow someone creating a lot of stuff around AI. After the time following he gets a lot of people to listen to him. Finally, he will write a book as a compendium about AI. The reality is, he is given examples and explains different stages of AI but can't prove it on a real example, where we all affected. Because of the examples, you will easily ask: Where is the difference to computers today?

He knows that and this caused him to write "the future will be", "people working on...", "companies came into a relationship to provide,..." and so on. There is a very good description of this topic but at the end of the day its the same stuff we already know and if you look behind the curtains, you will see that it is nothing new but it sounds fresh. Machine Learning in intelligence processes industry 4.0 is already using. And the level and deepness of these machines in real life haven't been increased. It shows us different ways, like navigation in a car, shows 3 different road types: Fast, Economy, Short. What happens if you suddenly stuck in a traffic jam because you pass a city where people just started driving home?

Of course, TMC is given you new routes if a traffic jam on a highway is coming up. But it cannot communicate with other cars. So for example in New York, you can stop that traffic jam if navigation not routing you main times through the city and making a success which time the best route is for you. Another problem AI is not used is politics. So think about you living near downtown in a suburban. If you live there you know which streets to avoid or use depending on the time where you start. If navigation would use these ways too, in Germany you can't do. Why? The lawmaker forbids to led navigations use these roads because they want to protect people from too much noise by cars passing bye.

You can see future technologies are only used in an environment of interests, not on necessaries. If this is always a decision one group wants to have another denies we have a long road before. But if we build consensus by electronically and anonymously voting, things will change. This is a reason even in the economic crises we are in people believe nothing will change and we will suffer more. Because we know about Bitcoin we know about combining both worlds and we know how to recreate our economy. But we have not squeezed the whole citrus as now. There is thin air in these strategies but what we see people complaining but do not act. So they must be satisfied

The power of government and fear of losing control - Hong Kong and Apple

As we have recently seen, the Internet has changed how people organize and advocate for their beliefs, but it has also given governments more tools to monitor the behavior and stifle freedom of expression. In this month's newsletter, in addition to sharing the latest Proton product updates, we will explore some of these important themes. 

In particular, we take a closer look at what is happening in Hong Kong, and why it has broad implications for freedom around the world. We also look at how tech giants are using their control of the Internet to stifle innovation, freedom, and competition, such as how Apple is censoring ProtonVPN on behalf of authoritarian governments. 

Proton is an email and VPN provider whit one of the highest crypto securities. Like Threema Messenger its nearly 100% unhackable but Proton stands with Hongkong.

On July 6, the Hong Kong government introduced rules that give law enforcement sweeping censorship and surveillance powers. The move was a grave blow to Hong Kong's freedom.

We see with all these new technologies we can solve a lot of problems but the thoughts and leadership in mindset are always holding on to the broken state.

So remember we only need to combine our technology fortune and get a ready to go project. It is easy. But the future is here and the majority doesn't take care Regulators and interest groups do not want this technology to become a big part. They just wait until they have been overrun. And this takes a long road. It's like the knowledge you want to grab as much you can get for free but paying a fee is not in their interest. This leads to the situation, thinks will happen in our future of interests, where people will complain about because they realized they missed the train. The reasons why adoption is slowing down and not speeding up is also personality. And the quality of education is at a very low level.

Getting out of this box?

It's not about what possible it is about the necessity to understand why it is only in the pure form a gift.

If everyone understands we are in a one-way road stocking everyone will create a demand for solutions. But this could not be a complex theory hiding that everyone already is here to make a change.

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