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The neverending dream of tracking Bitcoin

Cellebrite Launches Crypto Tracer Solution to Track Illicit Transactions

More than 4 companies scans the Bitcoin and Ethereum network likewise BCH and BSV, Monero and ZCash, But still they do not know anything more than an ip to a bitcoin id and the hope they will show out to fill a book with people names taken from exchanges in the hope they have an account there. Now a new company promises to fly to the moon with knowledge and AI. A story of how depressive they must have become.

Leeor Ben-Peretz, chief strategy officer of Cellebrite, states that Cellebrite Crypto Tracer is able to attribute millions of data points, such as account type, account holders, contract types, contract owners and other metadata. It can also pinpoint where the illicit funds were headed, whether that be a wallet or an exchange. 

Ben-Peretz said, “Some of the major features of the solution include the ability to conduct risk scoring and profile hundreds of global exchanges, ATMs, mixers, money laundering systems, gambling services, and known criminal addresses and assign risk levels to transactions."

The statement in this is a major lie to make people afraid of adopt cryptocurrencies, do not believe anything people tell you. Make up your mind on your own. Full story here.

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