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When a whale moves Bitcoins everyone goes crazy

$243,000,000 Bitcoin Transfer Turns Heads As One of the Wealthiest Crypto Whales on Earth Awakens

Yes, it is nice to see moving this amount of money around for $139 but so what? If you want to cash out this money has higher fees than every traditional bank. So you move it around and just wait until the market explodes and uses it as a high-value payment. The Bitcoin cheque is not fiat.

The transaction was first sighted by the whale-watching bot Whale Alert So far, the cryptocurrency does not appear to be heading to any known crypto exchange addresses, where it could be sold on the open market. Since none of the addresses have been identified, it’s unknown if the BTC belongs to an early investor or an institution managing large sums of crypto.

Data from the crypto analytics firm Glassnode shows the number of Bitcoin whales in existence has been on the rise since January, hitting a peak last seen in September of 2017.

See how you be watched by Glassnode and Whale Alert Bot, Chainanalysis. It is your decision to stay away from any tracking company.

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