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Why are libertarians catch up easy with Bitcoin?

Why some people catch up with Bitcoin very fast and others do not care even when they are your friends or neighbors? Here is a statement about this fact that makes it clear to see:

What is it that leads libertarians to get the value of Bitcoin so much faster than people with other beliefs? This article lays out exactly why smart yuppies are dismissing Bitcoin. The author is an MBA student who has wrestled with why his classmates won’t even consider Bitcoin. The conclusion he’s come to is that people who trust the system and have high IQs, that is, the “elite” people “in the know” are unable to see Bitcoin’s value proposition because of where their other beliefs are.

Libertarians are people that want to verify things for themselves and Bitcoin very much is a money that you can verify for yourself. The corollary to this insight is that as the trust in the current system erodes, we can expect Bitcoin to get more popular. If there’s anything that the previous 5 months have shown, it’s that the trust in the system is eroding and unsurprisingly, that has corresponded to a rise in price of Bitcoin.

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