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PayPal meets Bitcoin

Big news or a mess ? Yes people could use Bitcoin in the US next year for payments instantly to the merchants but also there is a trap

PayPal does bring over 340 million users to the crypto table. For context, Bitcoin currently has 32 million non-zero addresses (only 5 million of which are active), according to data firmGlassnode.But PayPal’s crypto users would not necessarily add to the address count, as they would not have access to their own private keys. What’s more, users will not be able to transfer their crypto holdings out of their PayPal account, nor will they be able to send crypto to other PayPal users. In other words, PayPal more or less dictates what users can do with their cryptocurrencies, and could presumably freeze accounts if they see fit, at least for now – not exactly in line with the industry’s origin and ethos.  

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