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America recognised Bitcoin as "Form of Money"

Yes, of course people will cry out "...but only Money Transmitter Act!" Nonetheless Bitcoin has become this also without publishing. Today peopel exchange Bitcoins in trusted areas against all kinds of goods even like in Russia it is prohibit. This some kind of normality for people like changing music or streaming new cinema movies from portals which you can't take down like The world is not the same after Bitcoin and yes talking about all the stuff as asset class Bitcoin has it solid foundation there where politic failed. During Covid19 it stayed stable during gold, dollar and euro, stock indexes have been jumping around and the user base continiously grow. From 2 million 2016 to 60 million 2020.

So do not underestimate this statement it means a lot for inverstors. Without this definition Americas Law isn't able to charge people in some class lawsuits. Bitcoin Is a Form of Money, Court Rules

As reported earlier by Bloomberg, a federal court in the District of Columbia, U.S., ruled bitcoin as a form of money rather than property.

The ruling came during court proceedings against Larry Dean Harmon who operated an underground bitcoin trading platform for running an unlicensed money transmitting business under D.C. law and for laundering money under federal law.

By ruling that bitcoin is a form of money, the court declined to dismiss criminal charges against Harmon.

To give a little background on the matter, Harmon was indicted by a federal grand jury in 2019 for allegedly portraying his platform as a service for stripping bitcoin of any link to illegal transactions.

Per sources close to the matter, Harmon’s platform, located on the darknet, was allegedly advertised as a way to hide drug, gun, or other illicit transactions from law enforcement. The indictment states the platform was used to exchange the equivalent of around $311 million between 2014 and 2017.

For those of you thinkin drugs and illict items is the reason for a darknet place - do not believe every stupid argumentation. Money laundering in a faile fiat world is a gentlmen game by big companies like wirecard or banks like Deutsche Bank,... Dark Market place are very cheap and you can buy near everything in there. From Planes to cars, to daily spendings but you save a lot of money. Read the full article here


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