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EOS Ecosystem Dies: High Costs And Community Fragmentation

It is one of the untold stories. EOS came out first as second layer security for ETH because it is an advantaged hard fork of Ethereum. But they changed plans and EOS become a self-sovereign chain. The maker behind EOS realized fast that Ethereum dismissed the DApp market in the first wave and created a huge bundle of DApps and developer environments. They showed out with the first games connecting to DApps and much more. It was the golden time of EOS because investors on board fast. DApps the gold for EOS like Smart Contracts became for Ethereum. But the hype is over now. Ethereum strikes back through the Defi market and the potential offering a wide range of DApps solutions in FinTec. Of course, the gaming industry is still there, but it is more a spoken hype than a real thing. Think about the World of Warcraft will be connected to EOS. That is an impact but some unknown games,... EOS conducted one of the biggest ICOs in the world and attracted more than half of what was invested in 2017 all for good reasons. The network has enticing technology that outdoes Ethereum at scalability and its ease of development. EOS-based Dapps don’t really ask the users to pay for transactions which makes them more friendly than the ETH-based Dapps.

The number of block producers on EOS, IOST, and Tron. Sources EOSPark, Tronscan, IOSTABC

If EOS solves the biggest problems of Ethereum, why isn’t it still in the lead? It turns out, some technological concepts and a lot of money are not the only features that attract developers and users. While EOS was able to garner a huge community at its launch, it failed to retain it. The platform’s centralization and prohibitive usage costs forced a lot to migrate to another blockchain. The project needs a strategic approach in order to prevent the EOS ecosystem from dying out.

Through the Delegated Proof of Stake, it was happening that big players took over the network government control and it is not about community decision anymore, leading into a situation that fanbase started to decrease.

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