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First crypto Hedge Fund shut down

Black Rock is the shadow company who controls more than 85 percent of the capital markets on stock. The biggest investment hedge fonds on earth showed how our world of capital comes to an exposured end. After starting the first U.K. hedge for cryptos it failed glorious because not understanding the market.

First Crypto Hedge Fund Licensed in U.K. Shuts Down Over ‘Insufficient’ Institutional Demand

The first cryptocurrency hedge fund to receive a stamp of approval from the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is shutting down over “insufficient” demand from institutional investors. According to Financial News Prime Factor Capital, a crypto hedge fund set up by former BlackRock employees, has shuttered its operations as institutional investors have not jumped into the retail-driven cryptocurrency space.

We do not Hedge Funds creating Crypto bubbles. We need a solid partner for humanity.

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