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From Sushi to Sashimi - a swap problem

AELF Blockchain Community Excited about Sashimi Swap which is the New SushiSwap

Sometimes near in the future, a lot of people won't be excited anymore. The market will end in depression and again "we have known it before". As the marketing companies recognized does the word "Swap" sounds like gold in the ears of crypto enthusiasts. More also in the FinTec branch of the DLT evolution these days. Finally, they got a little goody for having been heavenly disappointed about the ICO, IEO, and STO bubble.

Sashimi, is a fair version of Sushi and there are no team Shares, no pre-mine and it is a cross chain swap ecosystem. 

Sashimi, is a fair version of Sushi and there are no team Shares, no pre-mine and it is a cross-chain swap ecosystem. himiSwap, which is its version of SushiSwap.  SashimiSwap works just like any other Automatic Market Maker (AMM) swap products. It is important to note that ShushiSwap is not a fork, and therefore “Sashimiswap and SushiSwap” do not share liquidity.

Reading this "fantastic" news and realizing there is no common base of Sushi and Sashimi Swap. It does mean that investors will change after the Sushi erosion and we want to keep shut up about that.

It doesn't make any sense to lend cryptos over a platform making a billion-dollar business out of that, getting bet a little fee. This is like an ape is giving you a tool. You use the tool to build weapons where you can hunt apes. He never realized the tool is the key to his own golden paradise which he has given away to hands of people who do not care. So he will collect this tools and give it away until his own race has died by hunters. In DeFi, you will support the tools with cryptos until you realized they just blame you. Sushi has proofed there is no decentralization. You ignore. And then you complain. Read the full article here.

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