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Paying a Bitcoin Developer

Why sponsoring a Bitcoin Developer ?

Bitcoin needs development to grow and and this technicial liasion is directly keeping fund and investment markets for BTC up and leading in more revenue. That is the simple reason why to do.

Can you influence developers and harm the networtk ? No, because creating a solution is not the same as implementing this solution. The solution has to be described abstract and technical on platforms as Github and get a BIP Number (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal). This has to be checked by all developers and finally the node owners in the Bitcoin network have to vote wether they agree or not. This voting is fully anonymous and node owner haven't got the chance to influence themselve. Maybe you know some node owners and discuss. But the majority is hidden behind IP adresses and run their nodes at home. They decide for themselve. This lesson Bitcoin Cash has hard to learn, since they though only 9500 nodes in the Bitcoin network and have been sure about the fact that the nodes will follow bitcoin cash as "the true bitcoin". What you have seen the failed in a grand way. Crypto investment firm Paradigm is now sponsoring a Bitcoin Core developer

Crypto investment firm Paradigm is joining the list of digital asset companies that fund bitcoin development with a grant for Australian bitcoin core developer Anthony Towns.

The California-based crypto investment firm is known for backing the likes of Tagomi, Argent, and Uniswap. Co-founder Matt Huang told The Block its move to fund bitcoin development reflects the firm's view that bitcoin is "the most important cryptocurrency" and that Paradigm has a responsibility to support its improvement. 

Firms like Square Crypto, OKCoin, and BitMEX have backed bitcoin developers in the past, with the latter two firms most recently partnering to grant $150,000 to Bitcoin Core developer Amirit Uttarwar. Huang declined to share exactly how much Paradigm will pay Towns, whose work was previously financed by Xapo.

Supporting Bitcoin developers helps both ends of the wolrd. The asset community and the bitcoin-is-money community supporting the development countries and the freedom of money. So if you are able to do - you should. Thank you ! Read full article here


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