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Singapore Tokens, Smart City

Smart City and tokens !

Of course Smart Cities are a hot topic, but also its a topic for many people finanicing their dreams without nothing. You should everytime be careful if a Singapore Company do something. Of course it sounds great having 100 hectra "private develoopment in Phnom Penh - its like Peng your money has gone. Why do I write this ? If you look at this plans and compare for example with Liberland you will easily see big dreams always needs big money. And big money does not dream. The description of the project shows a lot of ambitious but nothing more - on Phnom Penh no one heard before and as an investor likely you won't go there. The question about a Singapore company is, why not doing this in their own country and support the people and society ? Because you need some legal in there.

Blockchain-Based Smart City Project LImestone Plans for Token Listing

Limestone Network, a Singapore-based blockchain project for building smart cities, has announced on July 23 it will list its native token-LIMEX on Bitrue crypto exchange for trading.  

According to the report, LIMEX will integrate an entire smart city's applications such as property management, retail malls, payments, financial services, transportation, parking, F&B and entertainment, to create an intelligent urban ecosystem. 

Leverage blockchain for data management and privacy 

Limestone Network started with a 100-hectare private development project in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. It plans to have 10,000 tenants and a daily population of 190,000 people on board.

Limestone Network has reportedly adopted blockchain technology to enable data collection via residents’ daily touchpoints and sharing without invading consumers' privacy. They also expect this will give a more in-depth understanding of the city's functions, including road traffic, power and water consumption, resident movements, and more.

The project plans to include third-party partners such as ride-hailing apps, telcos and financial institutions to strengthen the ecosystem later on.

This is something you might find interesting to invest. But be careful. Here the full article


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