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Telegram Token TON died likewise as Libra

It was an ambitious project by TELEGRAM when they started to advertise the TON Token

based on a blockchain on the GRAMS platform. US security departments recognized a not registered security offering (STO) and finally shut down this project meant to be a big competitor to the libra project advertised by FACEBOOK. Both ushered.

Fund Operator Offers Telegram TON Investors Paybacks of Just 21%

A major hedge fund that recruited a number of investors in the failed Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain and crypto initiative is offering its investors just 21% of their stakes as a refund after the project collapsed, said a new report.

Per Forbes Russia, ATON, a fund who once promised that Telegram’s TON and its Gram token would become a rival to the likes of MasterCard, has told investors that they will not be receiving the 72% reimbursements that Telegram has previously promised.

However, the report also added that rather than make direct investments on the behalf of individuals, ATON instead sold securities based on TON’s Gram tokens. The company told the media outlet that the “risks associated with the investment” had been included in the terms of sale.

Its quite not a good idea to copy the old world in a digital form. This world as we in now shows exactly the end of money as we know. But we want to squeeze the fruit until it rest. Sometimes they will write how stupid we have been burned our money in the idea about stable coins and missed the historically chance to change our economy models which have been outdated. See full article here.

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