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The Bahamas shows out with Central Bank Digital Coin?

The story of a CBDC Coin is close to being outset as a nonsense

So you think the Bahamas will become a CBDC and you believe in all those bets outside and the whispering from the birds? Maybe you right, but if only one country in the world has a CBDC who will acknowledge the exist and confess this will be a standard?

You know Russia has a vaccine and who cares? No one is buying because it disrupted the dream of healthcare dominated in the western world. So only the western world Vaccine could be right. And this means you accept (ok Corona is a lie) thousands of death by ignorance because it is Russia...

Look a CBDC is not a natural phenomenon it is a dream of investors did not understand this is no trading subject and moreover they do not understand this coin can't stabilize anything. So it has to be issued without value only representing the truth of a trade or asset management. Nothing more. But it sounds too good:

  • Sand Dollar's second phase, slated for early- through mid-2021, will focus on preparing essential infrastructure services in the government and private sectors, such as utility companies, for the CBDC.

  • A growing cadre of financial and payment institutions slated to intersect with Sand Dollar has already invested in building out mobile wallets for their users and have been on-boarded for the rollout accordingly, the central bank said.

  • Those wallets will be secured with "multi-factor authentication" safeguards, according to the announcement.

This statement shows exactly one thing: The news is a mess. Read the full story here:

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