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Wasabi coinjoin vulnerability , Samourai use old version!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Samurai provider figures out errors in mixing utility of Wasabi

Creating a wallet is one thing - announcing high level another. Of course these days Wasabi and Samourai wallet quite the best for security. Samourai has a lack of security on Android since it implemented a detection process if a sim swap happens. Google forced to cancel this functionality. So the best for Samurai is an older version. Google Play Store Forces Samourai Wallet to Remove Security Features

please use only version 0.99.03

Wasabi problems with coinjoin

Meanwhile, the best offline provider of a wallet for your laptop has security lacks in mixing.

For example, you send a mixed transaction. The recipient of this transaction does the same again to send funds to someone. In this case, the security chain will be broken and you can trace the former transaction. So if everyone is sending a coinjoin tx from Wasabi again through a mixer he can see where this tx has come from before. Read the full story here.

At least you can say both are on a high security standard other wallets do not provide that way. Pointing out each other leads both companies to integrate higher security standards.

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