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Welcome to Satoshi Consulting & Education

The world is changing and you have done the first step to keep up with.

We are offering the best service for you and your entire network. With your sign up you showed you are interested in more than only having a source of information. Indeed we will show you how to create this new world and era of technology. The paradigm shift in trust and business, government and society.

Phishing in a sea of offerings

We believe you have seen a lot of companies offering similar products. Optimizing is always a service. The difference is in the knowledge. As a result of our researches we finally can say there is a whole market but only a frew offers for real.

More than 10 years of knowledge

Knowledge is the key but experience is the source. Satoshi Consulting & Education has been involved from the very first day when Bitcoins appears. We are familiar with the concept and the history leading into Bitcoin from 1978 till now. The knowledge of computer technology is all presented in the Bitcoin Blockchain and Bitcoin itself.

We followed up with the first DLT systems (today called Blockchain) like Ripple and Hyperledger. And we have wondered ourself how blind people invested in ICO,STO and IEO and lost a lot of money. Because the knowledge and the courses we offer have been still there.

We have seen the big consulting mistakes beginning from Deloitte, EY, PoC and many more big names when it comes to DLT and Bitcoin. We became part of the Government Blockchain Association and have been present through our speaker to a lot of FinTec Conferences.

We started association with Infinity Law- Tec- Educational Services and created the first blockchain related Master Diploma Course ever which is a 3 semester examination course for universities and academies. We are exclusive partner of MAS Education Centre Abu Dhabi. We become the first educational service in the UAE offering an exclusive Master Diploma Course for locals only. We started the first courses like this also in India and America and could realize partnerships with Academys in these countries. More than Education

Satoshi Consulting & Education is not an experience center only, its a new way of consulting.

Many people think its very complicated to implement new technologies into an existing system. Because they have been told. Some comapnies running to do the whole service and manage high fees for that service. Imagine Walmart is since 2019 on Blokchain, Mercedes-Benz followed and a lot of other big names of the industry. The most expansive thing was not to do before. Tracking your supply chain, accountings, human resources, delivering and ordering, shipment and world wide sells is expansive and has a high error tolerance.

But to keep it simple: You can just book our courses, but we beg you will come back for consulting, because we showed to you how easy it is to implement these new technologies from AI, Robotics, IoT and of course Blockchain. The implementation starts always with blockchain. You do not need couple of years in researches how to do best for your company.

You got the knowledge, we do the analyzises and leading the whole implementation process. During this time we will train your resource becoming a blockchain administrator/advisor. We gain the expert knowledge in your company and make sure you do not have to pay monthly fee for a blockchain system, once it is set up, because the specialist inhouse works for you. Like you have an IT Administrator.

The benefits of effeciency and transparency is the revenue. Blockchain makes for example SAP obosolete, because its much securer the data is in your hands and always accessible without montly fees and paying for add ons. Blockchain is the trusted system and copyright source where ever people do business with known and unknown people. Its a tracking system which records untouchable the handshakes we do in our daily live. It saves time, money and prevents the always annoying ask for informations, what actually going on in your company. You can see the everything and how it affects your business in real time.

Internet was always a running gag until Internet started with web page the way we know today. It changed the whole economy. It transfers the peopel to the information society.

As the internet started before, blockchain does the same.

Start your experience with us !

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